Liberty Digital Solution Team Members

  • Nnamdi

    Senior Developer

    Software developer and integrator of projects from testing/development servers to production servers.

  • Naruto

    Code quality checker/QA (Quality analyzer)

    Unlike other web companies that utilize only humans, Liberty Digital Solution is the first to incorporate a robot (a program software called Naruto) whose task is to ensure high code quality checks on clients project and provide security into your project by ensuring that your site/project can't be duplicated or hacked into.

    Naruto achieves this by encrypting your project codes so that they can't be copied or duplicated on the WWW.

  • Bright

    Graphics Designer / Image Enhancer

    In charge of creating High Definition graphics and images that capture and captivate your prospective clients and thus drawing them over to your business.

    We all know that images capture attention more than text so, we made it our business to ensure that a specialist undertakes such delicate tasks FOR YOU.

  • Patrick

    System Animation Developer

    Entrusted with the task of creating High Definition animations/business promotion videos for projects that require such.